A parte il fatto che stamattina durante le consuete pulizie per raccogliere il residui della festa di ieri sera, sono riuscito a rompere un paio di bicchieri, e ad ammaccare il frigorifero di acciaio, poco fa aprendo Rss Bandit sono venuto a conoscenza di un fatto che mi ha fatto molto piacere.

Sfogliando trai i vari post ho notato che Jon Galloway, usa IMHO per postare nel suo interessantissimo blog: [code snippet] Dynamic copyright year

Ok, rompere qualcosa a Capodanno porta fortuna...

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# | Jon Galloway | 07.01.2005 - 16.54

Of course I use IMHO! I was the one who requested the IBlogThis extension support on SourceForge. I like it very much. I've had a few problems with 1.1 - I get an Object not found messagebox when I try to post. I'll send more specific info when I'm back at home.

Thanks for such a cool program!

# | Andrea Boschin | 07.01.2005 - 20.26

hi Jon,

this is a known issue that you may find in the bugtracker of the project. Perhaps you have missed it because I usually post in italian. In a few days I hope to put onlin the http://www.imhoproject.org website and give support in both englisha and italian.

About the issue: you have to activate with dummy values the ftp transfer, saving it, then deactivate it and save again. This issue derive by a forgotten initialization. The workaround initializate the ftpconfig so the next time you try to post the error does not appear.


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